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Tokyo, halal restaurants 0 election

Meal for Muslims Tokyo, halal restaurants 0 election Sushi, ramen, such as grilled meat. Meet halal food of Tokyo flow Wish was Kikitodoke: Japanese restaurant to provide a halal menu increases, Halal is becoming penetration in Tokyo. Without relying on imported food, noodles and grilled meat, such as Gozen, I era to enjoy the halal food of Japanese food has arrived. Towards the Olympic Games, to meet the needs of a wide variety of people coming from all over the world, the city is growing. Here, we list up the restaurant, which provides a menu that uses a material that has received the halal certification. When you greet a friend of Muslims from overseas, when that want to learn the flag also halal culture, we want you to come help. But there is also a shop to provide the alcohol in response to the request, it says some owners, it's seems difficult to run a restaurant without alcohol in this country. Restaurant, Japanese cuisine Edo cuisine Hideo Nishi-Azabu Nishi-Azabu Edo era, such as if you had time slip, emotion full of restaurants was extremely sophisticated.

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