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Visit to Japan is Malay Muslims

Meal for Muslims The reason for Malay Muslims to bring instant noodles to visit Japan trip? Malaysia's Muslims, for the so-called Muslim, whether a [Japan is any country? ] It is a story that. Now, Japan is as is known in the "doctor", including the Chinese people, it has been raised in the inbound effect of foreign visitors from overseas. Speaking of Japanese foreigners who came to Japan to eat, it is the sushi than anything. Sushi, and a shock to the raw fish such as sashimi, the next step is ramen, okonomiyaki, such as Genghis Khan, they will show an interest in various Japanese food. Touch the foreigners Japanese food, me like, but it is a good story. However, can it in Malaysia people, is not a all. I think What do you mean? Malay, which accounts for the split of Malaysia's population is mostly Muslim, that is Muslim. Islam, but is famous for are forbidden to eat the pig, and become strict Muslim, how to use the gas to food is not the odd. Not surprisingly, also remember Chinese characters that [pig], meetings and, so as not to inadvertently eating dinner, etc.

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