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Hospitality of the visit to Japan Muslim

Meal for Muslims Halal restaurant search app election to help hospitality of the visit to Japan Muslim It increased rapidly to Japan tourists from Southeast Asia, the Muslim market that has brought great impact on Japanese tourism. Malaysia, also from the effects which were exempt from tourist visa from Indonesia, it is expected that travelers of Muslims will increase more and more. On the other hand, such as that must be avoided pigs and wine, there is a food problem, to find a restaurant that can guide the Muslim tourists, I think we will struggle. Also useful even when the hospitality of the Muslims in the business, we introduce the popularity of the app in Japan living in Muslim. table of contents World to a widely used app Zabihah App where you can search for Muslim-friendly shops in Japan Halal Navi HALAL GOURMET JAPAN HalalMinds World to a widely used app Zabihah The worldwide number of users is large is an application that originated in the United States [Zabihah (Zabiha)].
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