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Halal meals for Muslim

Meal for Muslims Halal meals for Muslim, has been listening to the struggling story of the chef to make without cooking wine Japanese Now, Halal market is expanding all over the world. The halal, is that the food and products in line with the precepts of Islam. Halal corresponding restaurants and movement of product development was the visit to Japan tourists to the target even in Japan there are while accelerating. In addition, in the world of in-flight meals, we have an increasing number of airlines to strengthen the halal correspondence. What is halal-flight meals? Many airlines, offers a special meal called the [special meal]. Diet in consideration of the religious and health reasons, there is also a flight meals for the Muslims among them, it will be referred to as [Muslim meal] and [Muslim meal]. In Islam, there are precepts of severe food. [Halal] (or Halal) and is cooked in accordance with the precepts of Islam, of the food that has been allowed to eat it. Food was forbidden to eat in the reverse is [haram] (al-Haram, Nonhararu both).
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